Content for Today’s High School Students

Fusfoo is a no-cost digital website that gives today’s schools
a way to bring all their media onto a single platform.

For Students. By Students.

Fusfoo gives today’s high school students a safe bully-free, educational
and engaging space for content to be created, curated, shared and consumed.


High School Media Version 10.0

Our easy-to-use templates with full administrative controls get all your media in one place!
Your school will have a centralized, powerful connection with students, parents, community, and alumni.

Your School. Your Channel.

With oversight provided by the school, schools have the same level
of control over content that exists with their current media models.


Local News. National Buzz.

In addition to their own content, high schools will have access to thousands
of videos and articles created by Fusfoo and other high schools.


Unlimited “Edutainment” Opportunities

Educational and entertaining content available
on the devices that students (and parents) live by.

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